Kicking Bags and Taking Names

August 28th, 2014

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It's said that laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes this is true...and sometimes what you really need is a good kick in the bag. I'm talking about kickboxing. It's one of the most effective workouts out there, with an almost cult-like following. What's more is that it's an amazing stress-reliever. What could be better than slamming your fists into a weighted bag after that ridiculous argument with your boss? Nothing.

When I say kickboxing, you probably think one of two things. 1. Kickboxing- as in a couple of men wearing no shirts and silky shorts going to town on each other with their legs, arms and fists. There's no escaping the fact this type of kickboxing is a contact sport. This is not the type of kickboxing I would recommend, but if it's your cup of tea then be sure to visit for all the latest news.

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2. Kickboxing (workout)- This is the kind of kickboxing I'm talking about.

This workout burns tons of calories and will get you sweating like never before. You'll come out of the workout feeling exhausted, drained, but most importantly-accomplished. You'll be burning on average 500 calories (the more intense the workout, the more calories you burn). You're going to be throwing uppercuts, jabs, driving knees and kicking legs. Think uppercut, jab, jab, hook, sidekick. Then repeat. For an hour. It's a tough, vigorous workout but the results speak for themselves. Fitness Blender has done a great job detailing this type of workout (including what body parts you'll be focusing on and what types of moves to expect.) You can find workouts online at places such as Youtube, Daily Burn, or even Fitness Blender. However, I would recommend going to a class. There's nothing like a screaming instructor for some good motivation, plus they'll make sure your form is looking tip top.


A few places in Los Angeles specialize in kickboxing workouts and training. Zero to Hero on South Oxford Avenue offers top-notch instructors and competitive prices. Kickboxing is their most popular class so you can be sure they know their stuff! Foxy and Fierce offers a women's kickboxing class and get this- first class is free.

I live in Atlanta and I can't wait to begin classes at X3 Sports in Inman Park. Their schedule is amazing, with more than 4 kickboxing classes a day. They've had massive success, with some people losing up to 15 lbs in their first month. Wow. Seriously, can't argue with those results. Plus, it's not just about weight loss, it's about toning too. Best of both worlds.

Be a Heroine

Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 12.34.46 PMSo you're all signed up and ready to go crazy on some punching what? You've got to look fly while you're doing your thing! You should know exactly where to get all the freshest fitness fashion by now, but if you need some reminding- Visit BFly Activewear right now. Everybody (maybe just me) has imagined the Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 12.39.01 PMfeeling of being in the middle of a boxing ring, light on your feet, warming up with your hood still on. Show up in the Camo Windbreaker Hoodie by Heroine Sport and you're going to be looking like a boss. With pockets, draw-string closure, and water resistant-fabric it's the perfect option to wear to a high-intensity workout.

Next up, also by Heroine Sport, a great little sports bra called the Black Studio Bra. It's the perfect blend of support and function. It has breathable, 4-way stretch fabric and mesh details for maximum breath-ability. But most importantly, it's perfect for showing off those abs you'll be sculpting in your kickboxing classes.

These are a few of my favorite pieces but of course BFly has all the latest and greatest brands and workout gear. Don't forget to sign up for all the latest and greatest deals and updates on the BFly homepage!

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